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Thinking Language with Henri Meschonnic

Symposium and translation workshops

Queen Mary, University of London – 22/23 Sept 2017

Thinking Language with Henri Meschonnic

Queen Mary University of London; Lockkeeper’s Cottage; 22 September 2017

Organised by Marko Pajević

Funded by the British Academy / Leverhulme

10.30  Coffee

11.00  Marko Pajević (QMUL/Centre Marc Bloch, Humboldt Universität Berlin): Welcome and Introduction

11.15  David Nowell Smith (UEA): The Dynamic Unfolding/Enfolding of Sense

Serge Martin (Paris III – Sorbonne): Towards an Anthropology of the Voice with Henri Meschonnic

Respondant: Robert Gillett (QMUL)

13.00 Lunch break

14.30  Marko Pajević (QMUL/ Berlin): For a poetics of society: thinking language with Henri Meschonnic

Respondant: Rüdiger Görner (QMUL)

15.40 Coffee break

16.15  John E. Joseph (Edinburgh): Language-Body Continuity in the Linguistics-

Semiology-Poetics-Traductology of Henri Meschonnic

Clive Scott (UEA): Translating Rhythm into the Rhythm of Translation

Respondant: Rafael Costa Mendes (Paris III – Sorbonne)

18.00  Reception

19.30 Dinner

23 September 2017: translation workshop at QMUL for participants only